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Seulanga System Publisher is an open-access publisher from Indonesia for global scholarly publishing. We serve the publication of the latest research results in the fields of education, society, economics, humanities, science, and technology.

We are here to provide the best service to researchers in publicly disseminating the results of their research. They contribute to the development of science worldwide by using the latest findings from leading experts in their respective fields. Open-access global scientific publications provide convenience in increasing equitable access to knowledge at various leading universities and leading research communities.

Now is the time for you to entrust us to disseminate it openly to achieve the broadest possible dissemination.
Seulanga System Publisher opens itself up to any researcher worldwide to serve to publish scientific manuscripts. Send your manuscript to our journal right now.

Our Vision
Become a reliable publisher in satisfying researchers’ satisfaction for the broadest possible open dissemination.

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  1. Seulanga Journal of Educational and Learning
  2. Seulanga Journal of Economics, Management and Business
  3. Seulanga Journal of Science and Technology
  4. Seulanga Journal of Social and Humanities
  5. Jurnal Informasi dan Teknologi (JIdT) – Sinta 4 (Indonesia Accreditation)
  6. Jurnal Sistim Informasi dan Teknologi (JSISFOTEK) – Sinta 5 (Indonesia Accreditation)
  7. Jurnal Pendidikan Bahasa